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BackHealth Camp and Farmers Scientist Interactive Meet organised under Malpura Project (MSSP)

On 15.09.2018, health camp was conducted at the Dholi Village, where several farmers brought their sick animals and obtained the required treatment. On this occasion, nearly 650 animals were treated that included mainly sheep and goat. Nearly 80 farmers brought their animals on this occasion. Most of the cases were related to footrot, pneumonia, maggot wound, etc. Farmers gathered at the place and interacted with the scientific staff on the venue. The Farmers-Scientists Interactive meet was conducted with farmers and the Scientific staff of ICAR-CSWRI Avikanagar in the hall of Atal Seva Kendra (Dholi Panchayat). Director of the Institute Dr. Arun Kumar briefed about the Institute objectives, activities and importance of health and cleanliness to the farmers. Director CSWRI also invited all the farmers along with their family members for the Kisan Mela that is due to be held on 29.09.2018 at Avikanagar. This Mela will bring more than 50 research and extension organisations together at one place and farmers will be benefitted extensively. Dr. A. Sahoo (Head AN) conveyed the importance of cleanliness campaign and briefed about the feeding, management and health aspect of animal husbandry.  

Swachh Bharat mission activities of ICAR-CSWRI Avikanagar were also highlighted on this occasion and importance of the same was conveyed to each farmer personally.

Currently, Malpura project has nearly 40 registered flocks in the field in 21 villages that covers 2875 animals which are ear tagged or tattooed for scientific data recording. Improved rams of Malpura breed are supplied to the farmers registered under the project for further improvement of the field flocks. Data on all the production, reproduction and disease aspects are collected and analysed for research purpose.