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BackDistribution of elite Bharat Merino and Avikalin Breeding Rams and interface meet conducted at SRRC (ICAR-CSWRI), Mannavanur

One-day Farmer’s Interface Meeting was conducted at Southern Regional Research Center (ICAR-CSWRI), Mannavanur on 27th November 2017. A total of seven progressive sheep farmers from Bangalore Urban & Rural Districts and Ram Nagara District Sheep Breeder’s Association, Karnataka attended the meeting and the crew was consisting of the President, Vice President, Secretary&Board of Director of the said Sheep Breeder’s Association. At the outset, Dr. A.S. Rajendiran Officer In-charge SRRC, Mannavanur has briefly explained the importance of sheep in different areas and narrated sheep as a future animal. Dr.P.K.Mallick, Sr. Scientist (AG&B) and principal Investigator of Bharat Merino sheep and Dr. S.M.K. Thirumaran Scientist (AG&B),  Principal Investigator of Avikalin sheep spelled out the importance of Bharat Merino and Avikalin as Dual purpose breeds and their role in augmenting the farmer’s livelihood security. Dr. G. Nagarajan, Sr. Scientist and Dr. S. Rajapandi ACTO interacted with the farmer’s and enlightened the team about the health aspect as well as the vaccination schedule for the small ruminants. The farmers shared their views and interacted well with the staff of SRRC. During the programme, a total of thirty-six elite sheep (Bharat Merino sheep, 01 male and 05 females: Total 06) and Avikalin sheep, 17 males and 13 females: Total 30) germplasm were distributed to the farmers as per the price fixed by price fixation committee. Mr. K. Ganesan, technical assistant highlighted the importance of legume fodders and concentrate supplementation to sheep. Mr. G. Murali, technical officer provided the valuable tips regarding safe and proper care to be undertaken during transportation and also thanked the farmers who had attended the meeting.