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BackQRT Meeting was conducted on 30/10/2017 at SRRC, Mannavanur, (ICAR-CSWRI)

The QRT Meeting was conducted on 30/10/2017 at Southern Regional Research Centre (SRRC), Mannavanur, (ICAR-CSWRI). The QRT team was consisting of two members, 1. Dr K T Sampath, former Director, ICAR-NIANP, Bangalore & 2. Dr N Kondaiah, former Director, ICAR-NRC on Meat, Hyderabad and the following staff of SRRC, Mannavanur were present in the meeting.  

1. Dr A S Rajendiran, Principal Scientist & OIC

2. Dr P K Mallick, Senior Scientist (AGB)

3. Dr G Nagarajan, Senior Scientist (ABT)

4.  Dr SMK Thirumaran, Scientist (AGB)

 At the outset, all the staff SRRC Mannavanur whole-heartedly welcomed the Hon’ble members of QRT. Tree saplings were planted. Dr.A.S.Rajendiran, Principal Scientist & Officer in–charge presented the overall research achievements of the SRRC Mannavanur for the period under review (2011 -2016). Each Scientist was given adequate chance to express their constraints. Hon’ble QRT members interacted with all the nine staff members of SRRC Mannavanur. They made sector visit and on-spot evaluation of day-to-day activities of SRRC Mannavanur. The Hon’ble members expressed that the performances of sheep (Bharat Merino and Avikalin) and rabbits (white Giant and Soviet Chinchilla) are excellent. The QRT members were kind enough to witness the visit of common tourists under Agri-eco tourism as well visit of 165 school students who came for study tour. The revenue generation for the last six months from 1st April 2017 to 30th September 2017 was Rs.8.35 lakhs and it was well appreciated by the QRT members.