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BackChairman Pashupalan Kalyan Board Rajasthan Shri Gordhan Raika visited Arid Region Campus, Bikaner

Shri Gordhan Raika, Chairman Pashupalan Kalyan Board Rajasthan along with Prof Ramu Ram Raika Vice Principal B R Mirdha Govt College Nagaur visited Arid Region Campus, Bikaner on 5th July, 2017. Shri Gordhan Raika visited with the aim to know the role and activities of this campus in improving the yield and quality of carpet type wool from indigenous breeds of sheep in arid part of country. Head of ARC, Dr A. K. Patel briefed the role and achievements of the centre for enhancing body weight and wool yield in local sheep of Magra, Chokla and Marwari breeds. He visited all sheep sectors and visualizes the performance and wool quality of Chokla, Magra and Marwari breeds. He was astonished to see the quantity of wool coating & fineness in Chokla and lustre quality of wool in Magra breed. The alertness and active behaviour in Marwari sheep attracted him. He was surprised to see the body weight of selected male hoggets of  9 to 10 months of age group showing average 43 kg weight in Marwari breed.  He also visited AI lab to understand the role of AI in faster multiplication of superior germplasm in field. He also appreciated the work of nutrition and pasture development in campus. At the end He assured us to propagate the germplasm of these breeds in the field.