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BackMember ASRB, New Delhi Dr V N Sharda visited Arid Region Campus, Bikaner

ASRB Member Dr V N Sharda   along with Dr P L Saroj Director CIAH Bikaner visited Arid Region Campus, Bikaner on 20th January, 2017. Dr Sharda visited with the aim to know the role and achievement of this campus regarding livelihood improvement of sheep farmers of arid zone in present scenario.  Head of ARC, Dr A. K. Patel told the history and genesis of this centre. The achievements of the centre for enhancing body weight and wool yield for carpet production were also briefed to him. Dr Sharda discussed at a length about future prospects and sustainability of sheep husbandry in arid region considering the recent changes in land use pattern, shrinkage of pasture land, low market value of wool, etc. In discussion, this was told by the scientists of ARC that by adopting mechanization and scientific rearing of sheep in cooperative manner with value addition in wool and good marketing support from government can make sheep enterprise more remunerative.

   He visited all sheep sectors and visualizes the performance & wool quality of Chokla, Magra and Marwari breeds. Dr H K Narula and Dr Ashish Chopra explained him the research achievement in genetic improvement of wool yield and body weight traits in all these breeds over the years. The superior rams are being distributed to improve wool yield in farmers’ flocks. He appreciated the wool quality & health status of the animals and he observed that campus has natural eco-system with good pasture for sheep rearing. Dr Sharda also addressed the staff and advised to work for sheep farmers in a holistic manner for arid region of country in collaboration with other institutions