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BackTraining cum Exposure visit of Paravets from Odisha state under National Livestock Mission to Southern Regional Research Centre, Mannavanur

First of its kind, Odisha state has facilitated  Three days training cum exposure visit of Paravets from Odisha state on “Sheep Husbandry Practices”  at Southern Regional Research Centre (SRRC, ICAR-CSWRI),Mannavanur , Kodaikanal, for the period from 14th June 2017 to 16th June 2017. The highlight of this training is that seven were women among the ten participants and the crew was led by Sh. Prafulla Kumar Panda, DEO, CDVO, Balangir District, Odisha. At the outset, Dr. P. K. Mallick, Senior Scientist, proposed the welcome address and explained the out sketch of the program in brevity.  Dr. A. S. Rajendiran, Officer In-charge of the centre briefed about the imperativeness of Small Ruminant Production in Livelihood of rural masses and highlighted the various technologies being developed by ICAR-CSWRI. Theoretical aspects on Sheep breeds, Selection methods, Breeding, Health, Nutrition and value addition of Sheep by products and ToT were narrated to the crew. All the participants  especially the women had shown very much eagerness in  gaining the knowledge in different managemental practices pertaining to Sheep husbandry such as wool shearing, hoof trimming & tattooing and they had been enlightened about the essentiality of elevated slatted housing, controlled breeding, vaccination and deworming. Finally, the crew had a visit to adopted villages of the centre and observed the day to day farm activities being followed by Sheep farmers inhabitating Madurai and Dindigul districts of Tamil Nadu. The said training was co-ordinated by Dr. S. M. K. Thirumaran, Scientist.