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BackAnnual Review Meeting of Network Project on Sheep Improvement and Mega Sheep Seed Project

Annual Review Meeting of ICAR-Network Project of Sheep Improvement (NWPSI) and ICAR-Mega Sheep Seed Project (MSSP) was organized at ICAR-Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute, Avikanagar on 22ndand 23rd April 2016. This meeting was chaired by Hon’ble DDG (Animal Science), Dr. H. Rahman and presided by Dr. R. S. Gandhi, ADG (Animal Production and Breeding), Dr.Arjava Sharma, Director, ICAR-National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources, Karnal andDr. S.M.K. Naqvi, Director, ICAR-Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute, Avikanagar. It was attended by Dr.VineetBhasin, Principal Scientist, ICAR Head Quarter, Dr. Arun Kumar, Head(AG&B), ICAR-CSWRI Head of the Divisions, Scientists of AG&B Division and PIs and Co-PIs of eleven cooperating units of NWPSI and MSSP from different parts of the country.

The main objective of the project is genetic improvement of indigenous sheep breeds through selection and dissemination of superior germplasm to the farmers’ flock. The progress made by the units during 2015-16 was reviewed. Dr. H. Rahman emphasized the use of new technologies to achieve faster genetic improvement in terms of better animal productivity which will lead to rural poverty alleviation. Dr. R. S. Gandhi told that the units should ensure maintenance of quality breeding stock and also highlighted the importance of proper identification of field flocks. Dr. S. M. K. Naqvi informed the importance of improving lambing rate as well as decreasing the mortality rate for accomplishing overall improvement. Dr. S.M.K. Naqvi, Project Coordinator and Director, CSWRI presented the Project Coordinator’s Annual Reports of NWPSI and MSSP, Action Taken Report on the recommendations of last review meeting and critical evaluation report of each unit. The progress report of four farm based units viz. Marwari, Muzaffarnagri, Deccani and Nellore sheep and two field based unitsviz.Madras Red and Magra sheep under NWPSI were presented and discussed. Progress report of five units under MSSP viz. Chhotanagpuri, Mandya, Mecheri, Sonadi and Malpura sheep were also presented and discussed. The meeting suggested necessary recommendations to further improve the performance of different units. The proceedings of the meeting were coordinated by Dr.Arun Kumar, Head (AGB).

Dignitaries and PIs of different units visited Physiology sheep shed, Sirohi goat unit, Avikalin sheep sector, Sheep washing facility and Prolific sheep sector. They also visited Malpura sheep sector and distributed three improved Malpura rams to registered sheep breeders for breed improvement under MSSP. DDG (AS), ADG (APB), Director and other dignitaries visited adopted farmer’s sheep flocks in field (Village:Amli) registered under Malpura unit of MSSP. Dignitaries met three farmers namely, Mr. PrabhuGurjar, Mr. SatyanarayanGurjar and Mr. UdhaGurjar and observed the sheep flocks, data recording system, animal identification, etc. They also enquired about the healthcare practices, breeding practices and other management practices to the farmers and listened to the problems faced by farmers in marketing of wool and live sheep. Dignitaries also attended Gram Kisan Sabha that was being conducted under Gramodaya se Bharat Uday programme (14-04-2016 to 24-04-2016) in the Amli village. DDG (AS) encouraged farmers to organise and formulate sheep breeders co-operative with the help of CSWRI Avikanagar.

Release of PC Report, MSSP

Participants of meeting

Farm Visit

Maplura Ram distribution

Visit to field flocks

Visit to field flocks

Gram Kisan Sabha

Gram Kisan Sabha