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BackDemonstration of Indigenous method of machine shearing at ARC, Bikaner

Shearing is an essential step of sheep rearing which not only relieve the sheep but also bring remuneration to sheep rearer. Modern science advocate adoption of machine shearing to get maximum and homogenous wool production from sheep. Foreign technique of shearing involves shearing steps in standing mode which is quite unacceptable in arid region where sheep shearing is practiced mostly in sitting posture by scissor. To bring such shearer in streamline of machine shearing, an indigenous method of sheep shearing is evolved at ARC Bikaner in which all the steps of during machine shearing is practiced in sitting posture to mimic the scissor shearing process. To demonstrate this method to sheep farmers, one day demonstration cum practical training was conducted at Arid region campus during the winter clip. Twenty-five adopted sheep farmers from Kotda and Goleri region were invited on 24.11.2023 to understand this method under Magra Field unit, NWPSI. Dr R A Legha explained the importance and superiority of machine shearing over hand shearing. Dr Ashish Chopra demonstrate the steps of machine shearing to sheep farmers. Mr Kamlakar Gurao explained about parts and maintenance of shearing machine. All the aspects about machine shearing were covered. Sheep farmers took keen interest in this new method of machine shearing. Some of farmers tried to learn the technique. Overall farmers were interested to adopt this machine shearing in coming seasons. Mr Shair Khan, the sheep shearer assisted during the training to explain the machine shearing method.